Dental Care of Dogs


Dental problems are the most commonly diagnosed health condition in all dogs over the age of three.

Your dog’s teeth and gums are vulnerable to disease and you should give the same care and attention to your dog’s dental health as you do your own.

Poor dental care doesn’t just affect their mouths, the bacteria generated by dental disease could eventually enter your dog’s bloodstream and potentially damage their heart, liver or kidneys.

Bacteria constantly forms in your dog’s mouth and when mixed with saliva and leftover food your dog will get a sticky and colourless film called plaque which collects on the outside of their teeth.  The plaque if left can build up and harden to form tartar also known as calculus which in turn can lead to Periodontal disease.  The calculus can irritate your dog’s gums causing gingivitis, swelling and reddening of the gums and can lead to bad breath.

We have a product called Nil Plaque for oral hygiene which helps the removal of plaque, tartar and bad breath.

One sachet will last a medium sized dog 8 months – that’s 4p a day!!

The combination of marine and flora herbs used in this unique formula is known to help prevent and gently remove plaque and tartar build up on your dog’s teeth overtime.

Herbal Nil Plaque contains bladderwrack, seaweed, alfalfa, marjoram and mint and should be administered to your dog’s daily food at a dosage which relates to the weight of your pet.  It is supplied with a scoop and in a re-sealable sachet for ease of use and storage.