Why you should not Feed Kibble to your dogs

Make no mistake, Kibble is industrial food stuff marketed to dog owners for their convenience. Worse, unless you use a cold press variety ( I must declare an interest, Doghealth does supply HealthyDog a cold press dog food) the manufacturing process destroys much of the goodness and this is compensated for by addition of agricultural style vitamin concentrates.

  1. Kibble Is Fake, Dead Food!

Kibble is processed at high temperatures. The heat kills what little nutrition there is in the original ingredients. So they add in a bunch of synthetic vitamins and minerals … then they can call it “complete and balanced.”  Synthetic vitamins and minerals aren’t well absorbed by your dog’s body … and can be harmful long-term.

Kibble doesn’t provide your dog with good nutrition.

  1. Kibble Is High In Starchy Carbohydrates

That’s what holds those little kibble pellets together. Your dog doesn’t need starch in his diet. Starch creates an unhealthy gut, causing digestive and other issues. It leads to long-term chronic conditions like allergies and skin problems.

  1. Kibble Is Bad For Your Dog’s Teeth  

Contrary to what kibble makers tell you  kibble does not clean your dog’s teeth!  Because the food contains no live enzymes or natural nutrients  and all those starches stick to the teeth kibble leads to dental issues. 

Raw fed dogs’ teeth are kept naturally clean.

  1. Kibble Contains Carcinogens

This is the most important reason of all to avoid kibble. Kibble contains toxins … like aflatoxins, heterocyclic amines, acrylamides and PBDEs (flame retardant chemicals!). These are harmful chemicals your dog shouldn’t eat!

All these problems are just as bad in all kibbles. Even “premium” kibbles and expensive veterinary prescription foods!

So do your dog a favour and get him on a whole food, preferably raw meat-based diet. It might seem expensive and will be more time consuming for you…but you’ll probably save with lower vet bills.

Instead, for your dog’s health - Feed Fresh Food

If you can’t quite bring yourself to feed raw … feed a whole food, cooked diet.

You can also feed a freeze-dried or dehydrated food if you want convenience.