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Doghealth dog car

burning off the Christmas pud Doghealth style!

relaxing over the Christmas break with doghealth

..............after Christmas relaxation with the doghealth dogs............We hope you had a relaxing and pensive time and completely overdid the mince pies and the tripe sticks ....

kryptonite the rottweiler and bentley the labradoodle

well its pushing it to say hes a labradoodle, but who knows

Happy Christmas from Doghealth

To everyone from willoughby, Duchess and Bentley and all, us mere mortals at Doghealth. Remember your dogs this Christmas and they will need a LONG LONG WALK on Boxing will we all!



new dog run model

now thats what I call a dog run................

new upholstered dog bed tested at LKA

beautiful chais longues dog beds, built traditionally using the finest materials. tested and approved by Duchess, Willoughby and Bentley.