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chaise chien dog beds at LKA

did you see doghealth new traditionally upholstered chaise chien designer dog beds at LKA?

our new dog!

the latest addition to our doggy family is Bentley, a 2 year old labradoodle. here's a video of him playing a new game of bite the rottweiler's tail with the long suffering dog of my neighbour...


All orders placed after 22nd December 2pm will not be despatched until 5th January.  Doghealth would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

New shipment in of dog run panels!!!

 Today we unloaded 3,000 metre of galvanised dog run panels...our apologies for recent shortages of stock but these are all resolved now. 3,000 metres is enough to enclose Swaffham should the need arise.

To save money why not visit the new showroom to inspect the can load up and take away with you!!

Runaround for mobility problems

 ....great feedback on our mobility supplement RUNAROUND. In fact so good we offer a money back guarantee. If you dog has mobility problems and does not respond within 14 days to RUNAROUND then we will give you youe money back. Oh, that we were a big company with a multi million advertising budget. Alas we are not, but we do have some great products!!



new products October 2012

...Today our container arrived and we now have our new adjustable bowl holder. This has been redesigned so it is easy to move around...and the bowls can be set at different heights. Remember the advantages of the raised bowl holders are that they will make digestion easier, prevent the dog from treading in its bowl or chasing it around the room...and particularily good for breeds prone to bloat. We also have poop scoops back in stock, and a new product, an automatic water feeder...all you need is a large PET type ( eg large 2L lemonade type bottle) electrical, mechanical or moving parts. What can go wrong??