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Doghealth reflective Cage Covers

Reversible heat reflective dog cage cover for all year round usage. Remember, if you buy with a cage these are much cheaper!

Our popular Four Seasons Cage Covers are back!

Keeps the dog cool in summer, warm in winter and has waterproof lining.

Reflective silver in summer, silver inside in winter

Opens on all 4 sides. One side has two openings, ideal for cages with dividers.

* Hard wearing material
* Silver side to reflect sun
* Waterproof lining
* Micro mesh windows allow ventilation but keep out rain
* Small adjustment to size available using the Velcro fastenings

The covers are designed to fit our black cages but they have velcro ties which means that there is some flexibility!!

Available to fit cages with lengths of: -

24"  x 17" x 20" (h)                 
30" x 19" x 22"    
36" X 22" x 26"                        
42" x 28.5" x 30"   
48" x 29.5" x 32"   

These might not fit the width and height of other makes of cages.