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Available in two sizes 30" and 36"

This crate is designed to leave approximately half the boot available for other items! We do two such designs, the difference being in the angle of slope at the back. For this model the angle of slope is approximately 65 degrees.Our other narrow fit model has a steeper slope of 80 degrees.

Designed to take up just one half of the boot width but all of the depth with a sloping  front & back. These cages offer ideal space for a single dog whilst utilising the available space.

Two doors - one door situated at the front, one door situated at the back of the cage which can also be used as an escape hatch.

Strongly constructed of steel and black powder coated for safety and long service.

Fold flat for ease of transportation.Easy to store in the car folded up when not in use. They are ideal to take on trips and use as overnight accommodation for the dog as they are accepted in most hotels..


Two available sizes

Measurements given in height x length x width x roof depth

GYC 03P H57cm x L78cm x W48cm x T30cm H22.5" x L30.5" x W18.7" x T12" Angle Length 22" 7.5 kg   - floor to door measurement = 12.5cm 4.9"

GYC 04P  H65.5cm x L92cm x W56cm x T34cm H25.7" x L35.5" x W22" x T13.5" x Angle Length 25.7"  10.4 kg  - floor to door measurement = 12.8cm 5"