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Red Top Fly Trap

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The Red top fly trap is ideal for any environment where there is an excessive fly problem. Recommended for kennels,  stables and anywhere plagued by summer flies. We recommend one bag to every 500 sq ft of ground.The bait is NON TOXIC so in the worst case of your dog getting hold of a trap ( yes it happens) the dog will not be poisoned.

Place the trap outside approximately 10m from the area you want to protect trapped.

The bait is activated by UV sunlight (this might take a few days if it is not in a sunny location) . If the bag goes dry, simply add more water.

When the bag fills with flies, throw it away and put out a new one.

The Red top is designed to attract female flies and so break the breeding cycle. Some 85% of flies trapped will be female.

· Non Toxic – does not use insecticides

· A proven device – Red top has been in use for over 10 years

· Large Capacity – can hold 20,000 flies

· Long lasting – bait lasts up to 3 months / 12 weeks

· Low cost

· Targets female flies to break the breeding cycle

· Environmentally friendly

· Simple to use

· Hygienic   …..And very very effective!

Instructions for use

Simply hang the trap in a sunny position ideally 6ft off the ground away from the area you wish to protect, and add water to the powdered bait. When full, simply dispose of in the rubbish bin. 


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