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Moor Gold MAGIC Cream for skin problems



Our famous skincare cream  for skin repair and soothing containing Moor Gold herbal tonic.

Recommended to soothe the skin in a variety of applications including cuts, grazes and insect bites.


"...Magic cream! (My family's pet name for this product)
Will not be without this...although a dog cream it has a plethora of uses.
Dog/cat /human wounds and cuts..Athletes foot...Insect bites...blisters...nappy rash and generally anything that needs healing.
Was recommended this product via a friend a number of years ago for my sons acne....worked better than anything we had ever tried.
His skin problem cleared and I was so impressed I started using it as a facial moisturiser...brilliant,use at night as it is quite thick but emolliate it between fingers and a little goes a long way.
Basically dogs/cats/people...keep one in your home-in our opinion...Magic Cream
5 star product and seller.Thankyou ..."

45gm  £13.25