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Provit by Stock Nutrition


Vitamin A 75.000iu,  Vitamin D 10.000iu , Vitamin E 250mg, Vitamin B 200mcg

Selenium 1mg ( sodium selenate ) Copper 300mg ( copper sulphate ) Iodine 17.5mg ( pottasium iodine ) Iron 3000mg ( ferric oxide ) Manganese 900mg ( maganese oxide )

Zinc 900mg ( zinc oxide ) Calcium 10%  Phosphorus 5%  Magnesium 2.5%


The well trusted combination of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, with added probiotics to aid digestion.

Used daily PROVIT will ensure your birds are receiving a balanced input of essential micronutrients.

PROVIT is an all year round supplement, highly recommended for the breeding season - for balanced growth of your young birds, throughout the racing season and during the moult.

One 700g bag is sufficient for 50 birds for one month. Now available in 4kg tubs.

There have been small changes to this product

 We have removed the maize bran and increased the level of wheat feed which has resulted in the protein level increasing from 8% to 9% These ingredients are carriers within the product

Also due to legislation changes we are no longer permitted to use iron oxide so have replaced this with iron sulphate to keep the iron level the same. This has resulted in a colour change of the finished product as the red iron oxide gave it the reddish/brown tinge

All the vitamin and mineral levels haven't been affected