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Whelping Boxes



We just have the small size available of these excellent disposable cardboard whelping boxes,.

They allow you to ensure that your bitch and litter have a hygienic and safe environment.

Supplied with a lid.

- Easy self assembly

- Double walled for strength

- Waterproof inner tray

- Natural insulation

- No more disinfecting

- No more storage


Small – 21 × 21 × 16 ( ideal for kittens) £29.95


15" puppy feeding bowl £10 free p&p with box. (normal price £14) save 25% (only if purchased on this page)


pig rails supplied in sets of three rails specific to each box. These help protect young pups against accidental injury and are free p&p when purchased with the box.

To buy the rails on their own you must go to Pig Rails.

fitted veterinary bedding, cut to fit the box.

          Puppy bedding                Puppy feeding bowl

   on accessories if bought with box.