Doghealth Runaround Testimonials

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"I just wanted to say I have used your runaround supplement for my older dog with arthritis for about a year now and the difference it has made to her has been amazing and she no longer needs any prescribed medication for it."


“ a few years ago, my poodle suffered fom a bad back, screaming whenever she tried to stand up after a night sleep. Vet said it was like halfway slipped disc, prescribed painkillers. But since using Runaround ( no painkillers added), that is what she does! She is 14+half years old and afoten acts like a puppy. Thanks! Y.F. Suffolk


“my seven year old bichon fries was a very unhappy dog. Her tail was down, and it took a lot of effort for her to get up and down door steps.

The vet diagnosed clicking knees and possible low level pain in the spine. This could only be confirmed by Xray. She was given pain killers for short term relief.

After only two days on Runaround plus moor gold tonic there was an improvement, a week later I had a seven year old puppy, and now two months on she is a very happy and lively dog. Thank you to Doghealth.”

JC, Southend

“I have tried your product Runaround for my 18 years old collie cross dog and I am delighted with improvement in him he is moving around and getting up and over the backdoor step unaided. My husband an arthritic sufferer says is there a version for humans “

JW Downham market

“ we have a lot to be grateful with Runaround…she has no need for any more steroid injections…”

Gk, London

“ it has helped my dog ( a sheltie) that he is running around like a pup again…”

PL Birmingham


“ a big thumbs up for Runaround. After only three days our 6 year old lab bitch has lost a nagging limp and is walking wth a spring in her paws….”

Eh Drayford