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..the story reads: as a minor puppy Quincey frequently won 1st and best puppy in show. Unfortunately at the junior stage I suddenly found I had a coat problem and had to cease showing him. Eventually I tried RESTORE…Quincy is back on form continually winning BOB at Open shows and being placed at Championship Shows. …”

She has an allergy to conifers.. before treatment she had become completely bald on her body and legs, with bleeding lesions which she would not stop biting…within 6 weeks the lesions have healed and the coat started to grow….

“ my Rottweiler developed a bald patch on his left flank – in a matter of days this had spread to approx. 6” in diameter. The vets tried various tests and proscribed creams, injections, pills etc…I bought a kennel tub of RESTORE ..in 5 weeks the whole area is covered in a thick growth of healthy coat and all inflammation and swelling has disappeared…”

…”Not only did it improve the coat of the bitch I used it on but also another poodle who had recurring skin trouble on the inside of the back legs..the skin cleared almost immediately…

” My little welsh springer bitch was in a terrible state last year. Vountless visits to the vet could not rid Daisy of the most awful skin problems…since using RESTORE, she now has the most glorious coat and it shines with good health and people are always admiring her…”

“ Until this bitch was given RESTORE just over three weeks ago we had given up all hope of ever showing her again…vast improvement in not only her skin condition which was dry, black and flaky with sore patches and her coat was dull. Lifeless and dry with constant coat loss…”

This powder is amazing. One of my dogs has always had skin condition
issues, and this is the only thing i need to keep everything under
control. His coat is always in great condition with this, and if i
stop using it, his coat goes dull and he also gets very smelly because
of his skin allergies. Just the best!

Fab love it thanks v fast delivery