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Greenshell Mussel Powder has gained an excellent reputation in the joint-care market place over the last 20 years.

Only found in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Greenshell Mussel Powder is rich in

Omega-3 fatty acids,


and Glycosaminoglycans,

which are essential for healthy joint and tendons.

GLYCOMEGA Greenshell Mussel Powder Also known as: Perna canaliculus , Green-lipped Mussel  High quality greenshell mussel powder.

The mussels used to make the products are harvested in the pristine waters of New Zealand.

This is premium grade green lipped mussel extract supplied by Lehmann & Voss, Hamburg

✔ Dogs per 10kg: 0,5g daily

✔ Cats: 0,5g daily (1 measuring spoon = 2g)