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GLYCOMEGA Greenshell for mobility

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Greenshell Mussel Powder has gained an excellent reputation in the joint-care market place over the last 20 years. Found in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Greenshell Mussel Powder is rich in -

Omega-3 fatty acids,


and Glycosaminoglycans,

 Essential for healthy joints and tendons.

GLYCOMEGA Greenshell Mussel Powder Also known as: Perna canaliculus , Green-lipped Mussel is a High quality greenshell mussel powder.

This premium grade green lipped mussel extract is supplied by Lehmann & Voss, Hamburg

✔ Dogs per 10kg: 0,5g daily

✔ Cats: 0,5g daily (1 measuring spoon = 2g)

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