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economy soft crate


Blue Soft Dog Crate  (Choice of 7 Sizes)

 Our lovely royal blue and black colour combination, soft dog crates are made from fabric with a fold flat metal frame and features three openings and comes complete with a soft cushion.

 Mesh panels provide your dog with good visibility as well as good ventilation.  They have three zipped openings, one at the top, one at the side and the other at the front which allows easy access to your pet.  There are two zipped pockets one on the front and one the top of the cage which can be used to store handy items such as treats or keys etc.  

Side and top mesh panels provide extra ventilation has a handle for carrying use.  This is a lightweight soft crate and is fully collapsible for ease of storage..  The rounded corners help to protect the interior of your car and the frame is easy to fold.  The poles are easy to put up or fold away and is both convenient for you to use and is secure and comfortable for your pet.

 Product Details:  (Dimensions are in centimetres,  length, width and height)

 B50 - 47cm x 32.5cm x 35cm 2.5kgs £19

B60 - 56cm x 42cm x 42cm 3.5kgs £22

B70 - 66cm x 50cm x 52cm 4.5kg £25

B82 - 78cm x 55cm x 55cm 5.5kgs £27

B92 - 85cm x 63.5cm x 65cm 5.5kgs £30

B102 - 95cm x 64cm x 71cm 6kgs £32

B122 - 120cm x 80cm x 81cm 7kgs £37

prices include uk mainland carriage


£19.00 GBP

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