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The Cool Gelmat is comfortable bed with the ability to absorb body heat... think of it as a radiator for your dog ! 

Please note these are heavy duty products, not to be compared with cheap throw away items 

Available in two sizes

The Cool GelMat uses a unique patented gel that stays cool with no activation. These are heavy mats designed to last many years in normal use - do not confuse them with cheap lightweight mats !!

Recommended for active dogs to help cool down after exercise

CoolGel Mat lowers body temperature by direct touch 

This Cool GelPlus  is made up of elastic macromolecule aqua-compound gel polymer designed and imported from Japan. 

  • No batteries or electricity required
  • Works by direct touch
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Healthy and Environmentally friendly
  • Help to reduce muscle aches and pains
  • ​Get instant relief from heat​
  • Non Toxic
  • Medium: 60 x 90 cm £47 3Kg now £27
  • Large: 90 x 90 cm £57 4kg now £32



    From our customers: -

    ... worth its weight in gold! Delivered next day after it was despatched. I have just got it out of the box and immediately ordered another one they are that good. Bought it for the back of the car for the dogs when they travel and the youngest got on it as soon as it got it out of the box!
    Would recommend to anyone who wants to keep their dogs cool as I could feel the coldness straight away as soon as I got it out of the box.

    The mat arrived very promptly and we could feel how cool it was just by handling it. We have tried it in several places, covered, uncovered, with or without treats. The dog lay next to it today, with just her head on it, which is progress. It is more than big enough, and if she does take to it, I will get one half the size for the car. It is surprisingly heavy, and looks hard-wearing.

    Great dog loves it and its certainly help with the panting.He's quite happy and contented now the hotter weather is here.

    Extremely pleased with product as my dog hates too much heat being a long haired border collie. Large enough for two medium sized dogs

    We have two dogs, the Golden Retriever is suffering duo to the hot weather in summer so when I saw this I tried it.We had to place the mat near to where she settled on the hall tiles and gradually move it to where she settled or she would not lay on it. Once it was under her she would stretch out on it and was very settled. The excessive panting would soon settle and she would be a lot less stressed.A brilliant idea that works really well for our pets.Our son has seen it and is buying one for his dog when he gets home.Thanks from a grateful pet .

    Best way to cool down a hot dog! Plus if your dog has arthritis like Stan it works well. He seems quite happy with it! Would recommend for anyone with a large dog they want to keep cool.

    Every single day my dog is on his gel bed, he sleeps on it throughout the night, he absolutely adores it and it has stopped him panting a lot. He is diabetic and although small, they have difficulty regulating their temperatures. I thought long and hard about buying this as it is a lot of money but it cleans well and it has helped him so so much. Absolutely invaluable aid for your dog. 10/10 

    I am very pleased with this cool mat. I have a tibetan terrier who gets very hot. I need to get a cover for it to protect it as it can only be wiped over. I keep it in the fridge to make it extra cool. I shall use it in the winter as well as the summer due to the central heating in the house. She does lay on it to cool down. I think if it was a little thicker it would be even better.

    Brought the large mat. Our GSD went straight to it when it was placed on her mat. Not thick but neither too thin so we can use in her den as well which is narrower. She still sits on the floor as well but maybe she's worked out the mat needs time to get its cooling properties back after use. Just placing your hand on the mat will demonstrate how good it is. I am very happy, as is our GSD.  

    Great product! I was expecting my Springer Spaniel would need encouragement to lay on this mat but he went straight on to it. I placed it where he normally settles and he's stretched out on it as I type. We've got peace of mind that he has something to help cool him during hot weather. We intend taking this with us when we travel in our motorhome to hotter climates. 


    How does Cool GelPlus work


    ​The Cool GelPlus pad works by absorbing the body heat through the pad and away from the body allowing you to relax in comfort.



    Safe material, quality guaranteed!

    This product has been approved and certified by SGS and MSDS.

    ​The cool Gelplus pad use natural cotton as surface fabrics which offer you a good and nature feeling.The macromolecule gel inside, which is viscous and sticky, will not flow or spill even when the cotton surface is damaged or broken. Since it is made with antibacterial medical gel, which is non-toxic, harmless and often used in baby's fever cooling patch. The whole family can use it with safety.



    For best storage, clean the dirt and dust and hang to dry.  Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.


    Do not dry clean or machine wash. Clean with neutral detergent to remove dirt and dust and hang dry in cool place. The surface has been specially treated to remain fungus-proof, if mould appears remove it with a small amount of neutral detergent.


    £27.00 GBP

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