Ear Mouth and Coat care pack

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Here we have a great savings pack, with 2 products that are must have for any dog owner, Nil Plaque, Restore & Siver Ear... Read below to find out why you need these products ( and read the fantistic reviews by clicking the name!)

Nil Plaque 125g

Removal of plaque for dogs, bas breath and tartar

One sachet will last a medium sized dog 8 months....that's 4p a day!!!

A combination of marine and flora herbs used in this unique formula
known to help prevent and gently remove plaque and tartar build up on
your dogs teeth over time. 


Sea Weed

Restore 250g

Restore - The choice of Champions for a superb cost and excellent skin condition. Available in sample sizes.

-       Reduces excessive moulting

-       Improves dry, flaky skin

-       Develops the perfect coat

Trusted and recommended by thousands of breeders and vets, Restore is easy to use and will improve your dog's skin and coat condition in as little as 3-6 weeks.

RESTORE contains four major micronutrients that cannot be manufactured in the body, deficiencies of which result in skin and coat problems.

Silver Ear 100ml

Silver Ear Herbal Ear Cleaner is a unique blend of soothing extracts in a collodial silver base.

This soothing formula which also includes chamomile and sweet melon oil will clean and protect your dogs ears without the need for chemicals.

This is an antibacterial formula that breaks down dirt and with regular use will keep infections and ear wax at bay

Contains aqueous extracts of


Wild Sage

Sweet Melon Oil

in a Collodial Silver Base


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