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Healthy Dog Chicken & Rice cold press dog food - Cold press so easier to digest. This means firmer fewer and smaller, less smelly motions because there is less waste

Why cold press?

1. natural goodness not destroyed by extrusion

2. Easy to digest

3 You need roughly 50% of a standard food

4 Excellent poops...reduced odour, firm and easy!


Save money when you try our new Healthy Dog premium dog food

A 15kg bag will last a medium sized dog 60 days

100% Natural 100% Healthy

A superb food for all dogs


Healthy Dog is a cold press food. This means that the nutritional content of the meat it contains has not been altered by high temperature processing, so it is more digestible and less food is required. 

The nutrients release more evenly which contributes to lower absorption and lower risk of BLOAT.

Healthy Dog is hypoallergenic and gluten free

It is made from the highest quality ingredients  ( beef and roast corn) and this creates less waste in the body of the dog,

meaning less load on the liver and better  stools.

The addition of salmon oil provides omega 3- and 6- fatty acids for the balance of the nervous system, healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Natural probiotics stimulate the natural defences of your dog

Simple test

Just drop some pellets of HealthyDog into a glass of water.

They will sink to the bottom and dissolve.

With an extruded food, the pellets will float.

This shows the ease with which a cold press food is digested.

Available in three specifications

  • Regular 
  • Chicken and rice - for sensitive digestions and variety
  • NEW Wild Boar with herbs, fruit vegetables, probiotics and prebiotics

Regular  15Kg £35

Kennel 4 x 15Kg Regular £120

Chicken & Rice 15kg £40


Available nationally by mail order carriage free


Medium sized dog 250g per day. 15 kg = 60 days)



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£35.00 GBP

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