Doghealth — NEW waterproof Quilted back seat car cover

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NEW waterproof Quilted back seat car cover


Quilted Heavy Duty Rear Seat Hammock


Designed to protect the rear seat whilst increasing dog comfort and security

Has velcro protected slips for seat belts and a rubberised base for a certain grip, whilst comfortable for your dog being quilted

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR VEHICLE Our Cargo Liner protects the rear seat area of your car . 

  • SAFER FOR YOUR DOG Rubberised backing gives the liner traction so your dog will be less liable to slip. 


  • COMFORT FOR YOUR DOG.The liner is quilted so more comfortable for your pet to lie on.


  • UNIVERSAL FIT Measures 54(width) X 58 inches (137 x 147 cm) to fit most cars


  • WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN can be machine washed or just hosed down


  • USE OUTSIDE THE CAR. As a groundsheet, floor covering etc.


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£19.99 GBP

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