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Orresett 180g 

Anti-Yeast and Fungal ear Powder

Assists in cleaning out canker and ear mites in Dogs, Cats & Rabbits. Containing natural ingredients, put a pinch in each ear Daily until symptoms clear up 


Titanium Clay

Calciun Carbonate

Sodium Compostite

Tea Tree


What is Ear Canker?

Canker is caused by when weeds and other organic substances enter the ear. A canker is primarily a fungal disease of woody plants. In dogs, it may cause a ulcers. Canker infection often results in a foul smell and a darkish discharge in the ear. Some weeds and organic matter can work their way into the inner canal and cause irreparable harm to the dog’s ear. In severe conditions, it may also prove to fatal.

Symptoms of Canker

  • Scratching the ears 
  • Shaking their head without any reason 
  • Exhibitating abnormal behaviors/general distress
  • Red Sores
  • Inflammation
  • Blood clots (caused by constant scratching)