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Raised Double Dog Bowl Stands


Dog Health

Double Adjustable Raised Bowl Holder - designed for ease of use. 

Amazing Value 

Many vets recommend a raised eating position to slow down eating and to improve digestion.

This system gives your dogs the advantages of raised feeding station and yourself the advantage of being very easy to carry and put down

Suitable for all dog breeds . The stainless steel bowls can be adjusted separately to a maximum height of 43 cm. Easy for dog owner to move

  • 2 stainless steel bowls
  • stable stand with black matt finish
  • height adjustable
  • with bowl locking, rattle protection
  • correct posture supports proper digestion
  • allows two different positions for water and food bowl
  • rubber feet
  • Bowl Measurements: 2 × 2.8 l/ø 24 cm  2.3kg
  • Height: Adjustable to 43 cm



Assembly Instruction:

  1. First take U-shaped bar and slide bowl fastener and bowl holder on each side.
  2. Now plug the stand into the U-shaped bar. Fix both elements with enclosed screws.
  3. Turn dog bar around and fix bowl holders to desired positions with the aid of the fixing knob.
  4. Dispense rubber protection on bowl holder rings (anti-rattle protection).
  5. Put the bowls into bowl holders and fix them with bowl fasteners.

£24.99 GBP

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