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Special Summer Pack

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Special Pack by Stock Nutrition

Save a packet on our Stock Nutrition Special Deal  

Now you can keep your birds in tip top condition and save a lot of money into the deal.

Special Summer Deal!

4kg Provit : 100g Magic : 100ml Ropadair : 250ml Garlic Plus

Winter Deal £39.99 

What you are getting...............

Provit is the vitiminised mineral supplement for daily use to keep your birds in tip top condition.

You can add to the feed (oil it lightly) or offer on free access! And this is the Big 4Kg Tub!

Magic is the powerful water soluble probiotic, add daily to the drinker to support the digestive system. Very economical!

Garlic Plus is the legendary water soluble garlic supplement. Use 2/3 times a week in the drinking water.

Ropadair anti fungal , use once a week to keep the digestive system free of impurities.

£39.99 GBP

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