Signs to look for that your dog has fleas

Signs to look for that your dog has fleas

Fleas are tiny but can be seen with the human eye, they are dark brown and measure approximate 1mm.  A flea can leave for 7-14 days on your pet and feed of their blood.  Adult fleas will also lay eggs deep in the coat of your dog causing your dog to scratch.  Every time your pet moves or shakes flea eggs can be dislodged and fall into carpets, bedding etc. which means you will have to treat your home as well.

The signs to look out for are abnormal scratching, biting or licking, red spots or patches on the skin, pale gums, small reddish or brown specs on your dog’s skin and even hair loss.

The best way to deal with fleas is to prevent them so your dog does not suffer unnecessarily.

Our Award winning Dynamite insect, flea and tick repellant is economical and universal.  Supplied as a concentrate, simply dilute at a rate of 1ml to 100ml ratio.  Use as a final rinse when washing your dog for long term protection or as a grooming spray for short term protection. 

Dynamite is extremely economical one 250ml bottle makes up to 25 litres and is also recommended for human protection especially against midges.



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