Doghealth protect reviews

….my 5 year old rough collie. As you know he has a liver problem, it obviously explains the weight loss over the months. From starting to use protect when he weighed 43lbs when he weighed in three weeks later he was 46lbs. He has continued to gain weight , mainly due to your protect which seems to be stopping the fast exit of food. His food is now doing him good and he is a lot calmer….”


“..Ruff, my ten year old Keeshond suffered regularly from bouts od colitis but since I discovered Protect, and fed it to him daily, he has had no recurrence of the problem which had been a miserable one for him…”


My 12 year old English setter, Bianca, had a spleenectomy in March. She recovered quickly but as the weeks went by she was sick, generally lethargic and after collapsing, and being put on a drip, I was in fear of losing her. She was on antibiotics and various medications. Five weeks ago my friend told me about PROTECT, and the change in Bianca is nothing short of miraculous. She now has two meals a day without being sick. She enjoys her walks again with other dogs, and is almost her mischievous self! Thank you PROTECT. “

Our 4 ½ year old Afghan has since a puppy suffered from loose motions. Despite several visits to the vet, changes in diet and homeopathic remedies no relief could be found, until now! We must congratulate you on your excellent product. After only a few doses all previous symptoms have now cleared and have not returned “


just to say how pleased I am with your PROTECT and with your product my GSD has improved in overall condition and he is starting to put on some weight..”

My four year old cavalier suffered terribly from re-current bouts of colitis, which nothing could clear. From day 1 of using PROTECT her condition improved and within a week his motions =became normal, and have stayed that way ever since …”