Possible accessories for wooden dog runs

Sliding Hatch over pop hole

Stable Door

Anti-Chew Pophole

PVC Draught Screen

PVC Insulation Pack

Wipe Clean Floor

Onduline Roofing

  • Sliding Hatch over pop hole

A Sliding Hatch is easy to use and is made from phenolic covered ply-board, , The sliding hatch sits in aluminium channel runner, This is a very easy way to contain your dog in the sleeping area on a cold winters day.

  • Stable Door

    A Split stable door which allows airflow through your kennel ideal for puppies
  • Anti-Chew Pophole

    Aluminium Anti chew strips added to pophole both sides to stop your dog chewing the exposed timber framework.
  • PVC Draught Screen

    A 2mm Thick flexible UPVC Kennel draught screen designed to help keep the sleeping area draught free giving a warm & comfortable atmosphere.
  • PVC Insulation Pack

    Our Deluxe extreme anti-chew insulation system is ideal for dogs that are heavy chewers, Consisting of 30mm polystyrene and 2mm pvc takes the wall thickness to 45mm thick, insulated kennels keep your dog warmer in the winter and cool in the summer, With no exposed timber this gives an extreme anti-chew finish, The lining is smooth, extremely hygienic, easy to clean, easy to disinfect. Unlike ply board, Used by other kennel manufacturers. It does not splinter when scratched, nor does it go moldy due to excellent ant-bacterial properties that also helps to prevent odours
  • Wipe Clean Floor

    A very hygienic washable deluxe floor using a 12mm phenolic coated board which easily fits over our standard insulated tongue & groove floor, Non-slip & prevents dog odours building up.
  • Onduline Roofing

    Superior Onduline roof system ia available on all pent and apex kennels,The original bituminous coloured roofing sheet, Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen-saturated organic fibres under intense pressure and heat. Originally developed over 50 years ago, Onduline is now used extensively in agriculture, light industrial and domestic applications in over 100 countries from the tropics to the arctic circle…it needs no maintenance, does not rot, rust or become brittle