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Green Peez for urine burnt grass

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 Green Peez

DOG RUINING YOUR GRASS? Now dogs and lawns can play happily together.

Green Peez is a herbal remedy designed to prevent those ugly lawn burn marks caused by dogs urinating on the grass.

Using Green Peez


It couldn ' t be simpler.  Depending on the weight of the dog, simply add a few drops of the liquid to your pet's daily meal.


See below for full usage details and to see what great value Green Peez is. A 100 ml bottle (used at 10 drops per day) will last 200 days!


Suggested daily amount in drops

Large dogs 10 to 15 drops

Medium dogs 7 to 10 drops

Small dogs 5 to 7 drops


Green Peez has been tested on hundreds of dogs including some of the fussiest eaters we know! None of the dogs seem to object to the taste of Green Peez although the tincture does have a distinctive odour. However, if you are concerned, Green Peez can be diluted with water before adding to food. For best results, always use Green Peez on dog food - NOT in your dog ' s water bowl.



Depending on the time of year, you should notice an improvement in your lawn within several weeks. Once you start to see a greener garden, it is time to think about re-seeding old lawn burn marks as Green Peez will only prevent new patches appearing – it  cannot repair old marks.

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