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Animal Calmer

Anti-Anxiety & Aggression 

Stress, anxiety, moodiness, aggression, barking? then your dog could benefit from the natural relaxing and calming herbs used in Mellow, this special safe combination has been used for many years to help improve the the lives of both their dogs and their owners.

Application: -

Dogs up to 10kg   Add one scoop daily to food
Dogs over 10kg   Add two scoops daily to food
Double this for therapeutic use.

Contains: -

Hoodwart Valerian root Camomile Flaxseed Alfalfa 
Brewers yeast Thepax pre & pro biotics plus enzymes

All of the preparations are made by hand and may vary from batch to batch.

Comes in re-sealable sachet with free scoop for easy use and storage.

125g     £9.99


"it works real well calmed my guys down on an evening out and for the rest of the next day they were mostly sleeping i will be buying again thankyou

"Mellow" has proved to be a different story, since being on mellow our boy is a different dog, and believe me I don't say that lightly due to him being as I said Nervous Aggressive. He struggled to cope with most situations and if approached by other dogs outside the home would show them he had lovely teeth although never actually bit.
...Now at training he is so relaxed he is rolling on the floor playing with another dog and sitting along others in class without too much fuss.

...Great value, no nonsense packaging and guidelines, and it actually works.- fab !!!!

£9.99 GBP

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