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Healthy Dog COLD PRESS dog food

Healthy Dog COLD PRESS dog food

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(excluding Puppy)


Now available as Regular, Chicken and Rice and puppy kibble !

Healthy Dog Cold Press Dog Food

Why Healthy Dog Cold Press?

  • Suitable for any dog of any breed and size
  • Feed at HALF the portion size of an extruded food
  • Cold press is much easier to digest, so less waste
  • Wheat free, gluten free, potato free
  • Cold-pressed pellets
  • The very best natural raw materials
  • Very tasty, so great acceptance by any kind of dog
  • High energy value (less food is needed)
  • Reduced dog stool (much more compact)
  • hypoallergenic
  • Salmon oil (Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids)
  • Natural Prebiotics
  • Natural probiotics
  • No mixed meat proteins added
  • No fillers added
  • No artificial fragrances, colours and flavours added
  • Less liver strain due to reduced waste products
  • Greatly reduced chance of stomach torsion
  • Combines well with fresh (frozen) meat
  • Affordable

Save money when you try our new Healthy Dog premium dog food

A 15kg bag will last a medium sized dog 60 days

100% Natural 100% Healthy

A superb food for all dogs

Medium sized dog 250g per day. 15 kg = 60 days

Healthy Dog is a cold press food. This means that the nutritional content of the meat it contains has not been altered by high temperature processing, so it is more digestible and less food is required. 

The nutrients release more evenly which contributes to lower absorption and lower risk of BLOAT.

Healthy Dog is hypoallergenic and gluten free

It is made from the highest quality ingredients  ( beef and roast corn) and this creates less waste in the body of the dog, meaning less load on the liver and better  stools.

The addition of salmon oil provides omega 3- and 6- fatty acids for the balance of the nervous system, healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Natural probiotics stimulate the natural defenses of your dog.


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Wheat Gluten-Free

  • Hemoglobin powder as a natural source of protein

  • Salmon oil for omega-3 and 6 fatty acids

  • Prebiotics to support the natural immune system

The extra additional hemoglobin powder is a natural source of protein with the additional salmon oil providing needed omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These help support your dogs in keeping healthy skin and a beautiful coat. With probiotics to help support the natural immune system.


Healthy dog Puppy, with beef, is easily digestible and absorbable. It contains no added chemical substances or additives and contains 28% meat ( crude protein ) 

This is the junior version of our Beef variant with the same compositions but made to fit your puppy's needs. When puppy ages 8-12 months, start using Healthy Dog regular.


Switching can be done in several ways and it depends on a number of factors:

  1. Do you already feed your dog with pressed pellets?
  2. Or (frozen) meat?
  3. Or extruded food?
    Remark: It is easy to test if you are already using pressed or extruded food. Put a hand full of pellets into a glass of water. The pressed pellets will dissolve more quickly than the extruded food und sink to the bottom of the glass. The extruded pellets will ‘float’ on top instead.
  4. Does your dog have a skin and /or digestion problem? We recommend:
  • No food during the first day. Your dog can drink as much as he/she likes but do not feed him/her anything, no food, no dog chews or snacks.
  • On the second day, feed the dog half of the normal amount.
  • The full amount on the third day by dividing the supply of nutrients over two meals.
  • You can also use the Probiotics variant to accelerate the bacteria growth for a quicker recovery of the intestinal flora.

Healthy Dog pressed pellets put less strain on the liver, it can even clean up the liver, the so-called detoxification. This process might have the effect that in some cases the existing “problem” will worsen temporarily. It is even possible that your dog is going to shed more hair or has an increased defecation including a “thinner” stool. But don’t worry this effect is only temporarily. It might take some time though but it is completely harmless. The kidneys process the waste products of the detoxification. Thus, it is possible that your dog will drink more than usual.

After this cleaning-process, your dog’s digestive system is healthy and strong again with the benefits of an increased resistance and a healthier coat.

Please note: When in doubt, see a veterinarian about your dog’s health at all times!


Simple test

Just drop some pellets of HealthyDog into a glass of water.

They will sink to the bottom and dissolve.

With an extruded food, the pellets will float.

This shows the ease with which a cold press food is digested


Full Specs: -



Healthy Dog Hyper-allergenic complete food

All Healthy Dog wholesome feeds are gluten free and contain inulin
prebiotics. Protein levels vary as follows


Below is the full analysis.


  regular   puppy   chicken/rice
protein 24   28   26
fat 10   15   12
fibre 2.8   2.5   2
ash 7.1   5.3   6
calcium 1.35   1   1.2
phosphorous 0.75   0.6   0.7
potassium 0.46   0.5   0.6
sodium 0.3   0.2   0.2


I have a two year old Otterhound who has been a nightmare to feed right from a pup. 

I contacted you for a sample of Healthy Dog food and when it arrived he ate the whole pack in one go. Encouraged by this I ordered a 15kg bag which he has just come to the end of and things are looking good. He is fed twice a day and now eats everything in his bowl as soon as it is offered; something he has never done before.

 I have just received a further two 15 kg bags from you. I am keeping my fingers crossed but it looks as 
though a solution to his poor appetite may have been found. With luck he will gain a few kg's of weight and catch up with his brothers and sisters before Crufts!



Thank you for the sample of the regular food. They both loved it and are very active with good digestion. I like the cold press story, and this food is saving me a lot of money and the girsl are clearly very happy on it....




I have been using cold press for a while now,,,the dogs need less and motions are good. Thanks for ofefrign it at such a good price




We have tried just about everything on the market and both dogs, after a couple of days have settled in well with Healthy Dog. Fingers and paws crossed!




My rottie bitch has been very indifferent to food since her pups and this has really saved her bacon




A great service, thanks for taking the time to talk me through on this new food. Makes good treats too!!

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