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ordering your dog runs

ordering your dog runs

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Damage in transit

It is very important that you inspect panels on arrival as once you have signed for them the carrier accepts no responsibility for any damage.

Damage can be of two types – cosmetic, such as minor bumps and scratches and dents. Think of these as the imperfections you might get on wooden products for the garden.These do not effect the performance of the run and will not be grounds for a return. And severe, where there may be broken welds or severe misshaping. Sometimes it might be that you have the ability to repair it and we will contribute to that cost.

Our view is accidents happen and we will always be reasonable in resolving them for you, but some events are not material and we hope you will accept minor problems!

Standard 8cm panels are ideal for most dogs. For aggressive dogs and giant breeds there are other options – 50 x 50 mesh and solid or ¾ solid panels.

The bars prevent dogs from standing up, and they cannot be climbed. Bar panels are also supplied with 5cm gap, but if strength is an issue then you should invest in mesh.. Whilst a 5cm gap panel will be heavier it is not intrinsically more secure, and indeed the closeness of the bars can allow some dogs to cause bite damage or push between bars. The bars in panels are inserted into the outer frame and tack welded to hold them in place, so the amount of weld is not a critical factor.

For aggressive dogs and giant breeds there are other options – 50 x 50 mesh and solid or ¾ solid panels.

Mesh has the advantage that it cannot be chewed through or separated as bars, but it can be climbed and a heavy dog can damage the mesh and itself if it throws itself against the mesh.

It is possible to specify heavy duty panels. Standard panels are in a frame 25 x 25 with bars 16mm in diameter made of metal 0.8mm thick. These can be upgraded to professional frames 30 x 30, with thicker metal.

We recommend that before purchased you look at the forums relating to your breed and listen to the experience and advice of people in your breed.

Effective containment is a function of behaviour and security. A dog which is left untended, denied human contact and without toys will be more likely to attempt escape and so we always recommend close monitoring of dogs in runs, and the training of dogs to be confident, comfortable and happy in their runs.


To discuss your needs further please ring our advise line 01760 726340

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