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The Benefits of Using Crates and Car Crates for your Dog

A crate or a kennel can give dogs a sense of security.  Crate training if done properly is also a highly effective management system that can be a lifesaver for dog owners.  Using a crate for appropriate time periods is helpful with a variety of important goals, including house training, preventing destructive behaviour, and teaching a dog to settle and relax.


If a dog is taught through positive reinforcement to love the crate, the crate becomes his safe haven and own private and safe place.  Your dog will realise that the crate is somewhere they can go and not be bothered; it’s a perfect haven when your dog is tired or nervous.  A dog has a natural instinct to be in a den and most dogs take to a crate very easily.


Crate training provides a number of benefits to owners, it encourages dog’s instinct not mess where it sleeps, helping to teach the dog bladder and bowel control.  It also helps prevents a dog or pup from getting into trouble when you can’t supervise directly.  Crate training also teaches puppies and excitable dogs to expect and enjoy some down time, and conditions relaxed behaviour.


When it comes to traveling with your pet, you need to make sure they are safe and secure.  The last thing you would want is an accident that could not only put your life in danger but also your pet’s.  That is why when you’re travelling, especially in a car, you need to have a car crate for your pet that will keep your pet safe.

 In the event of a car accident, you will want you and your dog to be as safe as possible and that can be achieved with a pet crate.  When it comes to choosing a pet crate for safety purposes, you will want to choose one that is strong and durable.  Our car crates all have escape doors at the back which will enable you to release your dog if your vehicle has been hit at the rear and you are unable to open your rear door or boot.

Traveling can be a stressful time for a pet, especially a dog, as they will not know where they’re going and may feel a little afraid.  Overall, the feeling of their homely crate will comfort your pet during a car journey, but make sure they are well trained beforehand.

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