Doghealth HealthyDog Reviews

I have a two year old Otterhound who has been a nightmare to feed right from a pup. 

I contacted you for a sample of Healthy Dog food and when it arrived he ate the whole pack in one go. Encouraged by this I ordered a 15kg bag which he has just come to the end of and things are looking good. He is fed twice a day and now eats everything in his bowl as soon as it is offered; something he has never done before.

 I have just received a further two 15 kg bags from you. I am keeping my fingers crossed but it looks as 
though a solution to his poor appetite may have been found. With luck he will gain a few kg's of weight and catch up with his brothers and sisters before Crufts!

Thank you for the sample of the regular food. They both loved it and are very active with good digestion. I like the cold press story, and this food is saving me a lot of money and the girsl are clearly very happy on it...

I have been using cold press for a while now,,,the dogs need less and motions are good. Thanks for ofefrign it at such a good price

We have tried just about everything on the market and both dogs, after a couple of days have settled in well with Health Dog. Fingers and paws crossed!

My rottie bitch has been very indifferent to food since her pups and this has really saved her bacon

A great service, thanks for taking the time to talk me through on this new food. Makes good treats too!!