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As a company dedicated to the health and welfare of animals we felt it was time to get more involved in Rescue Dogs.

We will be putting together offers and information on this page aimed at helping those active in the rescue of dogs.

There are 4 main problems that 90% of all rescue dogs are cursed with
usually brought on by their early life with unfit owners.

1)  Destructive. Can't be left alone, destroys or soils the house. 

The easy solution is a cage.
But most people will have tried that only to find that the dog has broken out of the cage (sometimes causing injury to itself in the process). This is because a normal cheap cage has been used, here at Doghealth we Designed a 'BullBreed' cage that will take a lot more punishment than any other cage for just this problem. They cost more to buy because they cost more to make, but it should do the trick so it could save you money and could save a dog from being destroyed.
See our BullBreed cages.


2)  Nervous aggression. Snaps at people or other dogs.
3)  Stomach problems. Runny bowel movement.
4)  Skin & Coat. Bald patches from lying in one place, bites from fleas, ticks and mites.

These last 3 problems can be easily and cheaply remedied.
We have included in our Herbal range a Calmer called 'Mellow', a digestion aid called 'Easy Digest' and a sachet called 'Skin & Coat'.

These have proven to be invaluable aids to the re-homing of dogs and have quickly transformed them into more social animals who can join the mainstream of doggy events and become a major part in a loving family life.