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Infrared heat lamp CLEARANCE

Infrared heat lamp CLEARANCE

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Introducing the Pauls Pet Care from Doghealth infrared radient heat lamp,

"Bought 2 of these lamps for my Police dogs. Lovely heat given out just to take the chill off during these below zero temperatures. Fitted both lamps in their kennels within 10 minutes."

Perfect for whelping and for inside kennels, Each Heat lamp set complete with ceramic bulb holder with a standard ES27 screwpoint. 250W hardened infrared bulb, allowing for a complete overall warmth without hotspots. Guarded shade and 5m hanging chain.

Each unit is 20 cm diameter at their widest point.

Each unit features a Hi-Lo setting allow you to set the power consumption at 50% reducing the lamps heat output

You can purchase the lamp and 250 Watt bulb set, just the lamp or just the bulb.

Cord on heat lamp is 5m long.

Details (full set) :

  • Includes standard UK 3-Pin Plug
  • Ruby Hard Glass
  • 5000 hour lamp length
  • 230V/50Hz
  • ES27 Screw
  • Chain included
  • 5M Cable



1. Undo the 3 Screws from the power cable on the bulb holder end.

2. Place the lamp shade over the bulb holder and line up the 3 holes in the bottom of the shade with the holes from where the 3 screws were.
    Then replace the 3 screws, coming through from inside the lamp shade so that they screw the two pieces together ( lamp holder and lamp shade)

3. Screw the bulb into the bulb holder 

4. Fix the bulb cage over the bulb so that it fits inside the lip of the lamp shade.  There is a protruding hook on the edge of the bulb cage which fits inside a hole
    on the lamp shade. The squeeze the bulb cage together so that it fits inside the lip of the lamp shade, then release the pressure.

5. Finally, attach the chain to the bottom of the lamp & bulb set through the chain holder hole using the spring loaded clip on the end of the chain.

Assembly should now be complete.

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