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LIFETIME GUARANTEE galvanized bolt together dog kennel run panel.

50 x 50 mesh. Frame 25 x 25  Heavy duty 4 gauge wire

Ideal for all small or aggressive dogs. EU manufactured to rigorous standards and fully galvanized for a long weather proof life. Guaranteed against manufacturing defects. These panels are often purchased by boarding kennels, charities, police and armed services as they are a very secure way of containing dogs.

Each panel is provided with 2 x nuts & bolts

Prices include VAT, supplied with standard attachment bolts.

Delivery is £25 for 1st panel : then £5 per panel. 

The doors are 23" wide and open inwards.

Please note that some areas are subject to extra p&p.

If you are in one of these areas we will contact you when you place your order.


Manufactured in accordance with DIN 2394-2 standards. The steel grade is RST 37-2.

Suited to all sizes of dogs and puppies.

The zinc coating is made from elements according to the European DIN 1461 standards (BS 1461) and is ISO-9002 certified.

Panel Height 1.84m