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Symptoms of a blocked anal gland include:

  • Scooting - rubbing of the anus on the ground
  • A foul, fishy smell
  • Nibbling and licking the anus and/or lower back
  • Pain when pooing
  • Suddenly sitting down in discomfort
  • Looking round at their back end suddenly.

Our Anal gland powders contain psyllium husk, golden linseed pre & probiotics plus plant-based enzymes & turmeric.

The powders assist the formation of normal size stools therefore helping to stimulate and normalise the function of the Anal gland.

Please read our blog article for more detailed information.


Simply add the powder to your dog’s food.

Each packet comes with a spoon to measure out dosage.

Dogs up to 10kg -add one level spoon to each feed {up to two feeds a day}

Larger dogs 10kg+ -add two level spoon fulls to each feed {up to two feeds a day}

Pack sizes 125 g or a saving on 500g




Psyllium husk, Golden Flax seed, Brewer’s yeast, Turmeric, Plant based Pre & Probiotics plus Enzymes.


There are a few simple precautions you can take to reduce your dog’s chance of anal glad problems:

  • Keep your dog slim. Overweight dogs generally have weaker muscles around their bottom which makes gland emptying more difficult. Keep your dog at a healthy weight and feed them a good quality complete dog food.
  • Regular checks. If your dog frequently suffers with blocked anal glands, they may require regular vet/veterinary nurse visits to have them checked. You will quickly become an expert at spotting the signs of an anal gland problem developing.
  • Fibre. Adding extra fibre to your dog’s diet can help to firm-up and bulk-out their poo. As a result, when your dog goes to the toilet their stool will press on the anal glands and help to empty them. Sugar free bran flakes or bran powder is often the best way to add fibre to your dog’s diet. Speak to your vet for more information.

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